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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


HELL yeah,,im CURSING,,so what??i dindt give a F****** HELL to u rite??i git no HELL to do with you,,i CURSED a lot today,,what a bad me,,but,who the HECK in this world did care??before i cursed lot more in this effin site,i better get my ASS out of this chair,,

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Grr~hey facebook,why did u soooo mean!i dont effin care who's that guy with,,he's a liar,a NO ONE for me,,geram giler syall~dulu ye2 jer citer gitu gini,sat gi....*dotdotdot..haihh,what a guy~

HOWEVER~i have my own better life,,rather than stuck in between u and tuuuut,tuuut,tuuuut,bla3,,,so know im free,,with Rabiulawal,,im good,im great,im fine,and most important,im HAPPY~!lalaalala,,
He's cute,,and adorable,,and sweet,,romantic too,,haha,,all kind of compliments,,goes to him,,my lovely apple tea,,lalala,,ILY!

Yeah,i have to admit that sometimes im stuck in the question that "am i really happy with him?",,

but later,,i guess im just fine,,im just happy,,everything good with him,,im paranoid sometime.its a bad habit,,lol,,i better off for now,choww~