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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Banyak bunyiK!

Lagu Banyak Bunyi is quite right with my taste,haha.

Layan rap kejap la hari Ahad nie,ada betul??

Ohooooohooiii!bulan Mei dah masuk,mesti busy,KONFIRM,ader midyear exam,ada pergi London,ade hari guru,ade dateline,wait,AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!DATELINE...!AAAAAAAAAAAA~D.A.T.E.L.I.N.E!
Fuhhhhh,aku takut betul kalau masuk topik dateline nieh,my dateline on 27th May lah honey,mane x cuak?
Btw,jap,masuk hip hop jap,MALIQUE IS BACK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!
Ok sambung,adehh,pagi tadi jogging dgn abang,arghhhh,dapat 3 round jer,sakitnyeeee hatiiiii.Its oke,next time kasi 4 round yer budak??(pesanan untuk diri sendiri).haha,
And also,lately,I have this very bad symptom,I'm scared of juniors at my school,last time I hate them,then I think they are so cute,now,I'm scared of them,*ape jadah jadi dgn aku skg?WTH,I hate this feeling lah weyh.Lastly,just wait for the adventure on May,bring it on!wahaha,gelabah gila,nanti aku yg terduduk.Ya Allah,permudahkanlah perjalanan ini,AMIIIIIN!

Monday, April 18, 2011


This tittle is not so random,I meant it,WHATEVER.

Jom tulis BM secara majoriti.

Tahukah anda,kdg2 saya rase mcm nak yell depan muka anda dan cakap;

"COULD U STOP JUDGING,just effing shut up,I don't need your effing mouth to effing open,moreover to effing say a word,just shut up!I effing hate it when u start bitching around,got it?"

Asal aku kesah sangat la ape ko pikir???Sorry kalau ader readers pun la,today,masalah dalaman wanita,jadi paham2 la,dengan keadaan di sekolah yg mcm hape jer!!

Has been soo much ruined up!I'm wounded,hurts all over my body,I just need some rest!REST,u fool.*not u,no,not readers,but a woman name Woman.She can basically,"sakit"!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Post.

Again,I have no idea for the title,aish!*apelah masalah aku?haha

Wake up at 5 something in the morning,minum plain water,turun bawah,minum susu,makan kurma 3 biji,naik atas,dgr laguuuuuuuuuuuu,abg panggil,turun bawah,pakai tudung,sweater,earphone,stokin,kasut,warm up,JOGGING!!haha,but I feel goooooddd about it.*Mama,xnk gi jejalan ke hari nii??huhuhu.Sunday,nak buat aper??duduk rumah,aku tgk buku,buku tgk aku,pastu tgk tv,haha,easy breezy.

Here another thing,it happened on Friday(I know Friday will always be miracle!)
Theres a junior,she's so cute,she post on my fb wall "thanks approve kakak comel",ever since that,I already have a good thoughts about her.Then we have a very long chat semalam,at my wall,while I'm having my Kerdipan Bintang event.*Arigatouuu sudi teman.
My turn is such a long waiting,so luckily ada junior sudi teman ye x?hehe.I think she's nice,*well,mostly junior aku kenal semua nice,haha.
Or is it me yg memang adore semua junior kot??
Aihh,my junior F3,take care,blaja elok2 yeah?Ok dah.

Dateline for my workout dah nak dekat,27th May!!AAAAAAAA!!!Allie,wake up!wake up!This is not the time nak duduk2 melepak okay??!Ermmm,I think I should do this thing called "meditasi",haha,just sit on my bed,writing some inspiring poems,kan2??Currently,I've been training my vocal,don't know why,I sing more often,haha,why eh?

AAAAAAAAAA!!*another thing that scream my heart out!Mid-year exam,sangat mendebarkan,why was that??I have to spent more time studying,more time workout,double every effort,double tired la me!huhu,I need makanan tambahan la mamaaa...
Hope everything went well,Amiiinnn!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Penat la,ape lagi,haha XD

Kalau dah kate "Hidup Amalina sehari-hari",mmg la penat,ape lagi la yang boleh dikatakan ttg hidupku yang penuh dengan perjuangan ini.*ape kejadah la tulis blog kaler pink mcm ni.

Fuuuhh,pagi ni,wake up at 6:13,haha,wake up,brush my hair,cuci muka,gosok baju,mandi3,(asal aku mcm Rebecca Black nie?)
Leave those lame stuff behind.Skip to school,fuh.I'm so not in a good mood!Pressure,gilaa.During the recess,Chacho-ya was basically forcing3 me to go down and jalan3,but I got thousands of work to settle up,so I said NO,again,NO,I CAN'T,again,I CAN'T,xtaw sejak bila,dia jadi xpaham bahasa,I feel soooo uneasy,tapi aku relax lagi,then theres 3 prefects passed by my class,and so prefect yg amanah giler babeng dgn cikgu disiplin tu pun suh aku keluar,KELUAR3,*as if aku pekak sgt.Then I said,kejap la,nk gunting sikit je lagi,but they force me like,"NOW!",and so I started to hempas2 barang,before that Chacho-ya took my biscuit,even when I said "Xboleh,aku lapar",heloo people,I said 3 TIMES!!Still,she took it,tggal satu,SATU jer untuk aku yg tgh lapar dan depress,*KEJAM!!
Back to the prefect,time aku start hempas2 barang Anis dah perasan my emotion went over the limit a bit,she said to Nasrul and Mierre,"aku xsuke bila Allie moody",and they were all like "Agak la",.And so pengawas still forcing2,I yelled,"Sabar la!human la sikit,aku nak 2 saat jer lagi pun!",and when Anis heard that,she knew I'm going to explode.Then I went out of the class,I spent my time alone for a while,then when I'm just trying to get some air,Chacho-ya step up in front of me and messed me up.I turned,put my hand on the wall,then she appeared suddenly,AGAIN,right in front of my face,and starting from that point,I GET EXPLODED!I screamed,"ECAH,COULD YOU PLEASE STOP IT!!!!",as loud as I can.People,PLEASE,when someone is sad,u get yourself close,and see what u can do,when someone is DEPPRESS,KEEP YOURSELF DISTANCE!Give them SPACE to COOL DOWN,OKEY???!And so Anis came to me slowly,"weyh Allie,ko ok x nie",and I just said,"aku xtaw lah weh,aku just,out of control kejap",but at that time I'm feeling better allready.
FUHHHH,nobody likes me when I get mad.Haha.

Then tuition,geng ANNOYERS,XDATANG!!Weee!

To be continued...

Monday, April 11, 2011


AHAHAHA,ok I know I usually have no great title,moreover not even when I'm in this kind of mood*nothing-much-to-write mood.hahaha,so whatever came across my mind,just put it as the title,hehe.
My life has been a bit too random lately,so do my behaviour.But still,I'm wise enough to avoid such stupid3 stuffss.

I don't want to talk about my super fight with a guy name Guy(bukan nama sebenar).
Duduknye saya depan laptop nie,nak kaborkan ttg kejadian di tuition pada siang tadi,yg sgt la menyakitkan hati,saya ulang,MENYAKITKAN HATI,in my life,just call it as ANNOYING!Tapi normal la kalau hal tersebut ditimbulkan oleh seseorang yang memang digelar "ANNOYMOUS"!

Annoymous,Botak,and Hell,is a group of ANNOYERS.(baru reka sesaat tadi)
At tution,they sit 2 table at my back.Annoymous is sooooo annoying,super duper!Botak xpernah carik pasal ngn aku,ptg tadi baru first time,and Hell,pun xpeernah,tapi mcm la aku xtaw dia dah lama nk carik pasal ngn aku.
Petang tadi,dgn takde kejenyer,*walaupun cikgu bagi byk keje),
dorg bertiga3,was looking at me,then laugh,then look,then laugh,then look,then laugh,what the heck??!Then I ask mierre,"weyh mierre,ko jujur ngn aku skg,aku nmpak cm badut ker??",then mierre said,I'm just fine.Then what the heck were they laughing about which is soo disturbing coz I'm facing at the back,easier to discuss question with Mierre.Then later,I told Anis about their weird-annoying act,then she said,THEY WERE ACTUALLY,MAYBE,JUST MAYBE,LOOKING AT MY ******!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I never felt so much disturbing towards them as I did today!
Aku course mata korg buta,baru taw!

But the good thing is,most of the time,its Botak and Hell yg buat semua tu,Annoymous didn't involve much.He just being a bit disturbing after I burst a super loud laugh,wahaha,ok tu a bit embrassing.I hate u geng ANNOYERS.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Again,tittle ni xde kene mengena dgn apa yg hendak ditaip,haha.*mcm xbiase jer.

Woahhh,this week,*sweat!,kills me.
Penat,penat,penat,penat,dan penat,there's so many things to say but....
since its too many,I already have no idea where to start.
What if we start with the sarcastic me??
WAIT2!There is something biggie happen this week,we(me,anis,mierre) got no tuition until Thursday.So,we've decide to stay back after school,and ya,what do u expect kitorg nak buat kalau kitorg stay?mestilah tunggu falling angel balik,oke,tell u what,2 jam 40 minit,kitorg duk goyang kaki kat bus stop tu,and dramatically,I STAND for the whole 2 hours and 4o mins.Bak kate aku kat Amelia,kalau kaki aku nie made in China,sah2 dah patah remuk dah.
But the climax of the story,is when it comes to Wednesday,so Rebecca Black,pasni buat lagu Wednesday pulak eh,tragic nieh!

Oke,Wednesday,me,Anis,and Mierre dah decide nk stay,we thinking of going to the koperasi,but Anis just said,why don't we go to the canteen first,and so we did.Nak dijadikan cite,I saw Key,so,watlek je la kan,xkan aku nak berzapin plak,and so we sit at our usual table which is quiet close to Key's table,*in short,the next table.
BUT,yg menjadikan cerita ini tragedi adalah dengan kehadiran sorg budak perempuan yang bernama Girl(bukan nama sebenar).Girl came towards us,and as usual,hye2,hoi2,kat kitorg.I already felt uneasy with her appearance coz she will ruin up everything,and she did!!
Mierre dah la already moody,as soon as she came and ader la something2 dia buat,aku pun moody jugak,so,aku dgn dramatiknya ambik fail aku,lantas beredar dari kantin itu tanpa menoleh kebelakang lagi.Ala2 "let the bygone be bygone" gitu.

I went to the middle of the stairs kat pagar belakang,sit there,*dgn posisi org tgh depress tu,and cry,alone,dgn angin sepoi2 bahasa.I cry until I satisfied.I called Anis,and she said she already at the bus stop outside off the school.She's alone.Also in a bad condition..and so do Mierre,*kat tepi longkang.Also alone,also in a bad condition,serius dramatik hari tu.Its all becoz of ONE girl name Girl.