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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Penat la,ape lagi,haha XD

Kalau dah kate "Hidup Amalina sehari-hari",mmg la penat,ape lagi la yang boleh dikatakan ttg hidupku yang penuh dengan perjuangan ini.*ape kejadah la tulis blog kaler pink mcm ni.

Fuuuhh,pagi ni,wake up at 6:13,haha,wake up,brush my hair,cuci muka,gosok baju,mandi3,(asal aku mcm Rebecca Black nie?)
Leave those lame stuff behind.Skip to school,fuh.I'm so not in a good mood!Pressure,gilaa.During the recess,Chacho-ya was basically forcing3 me to go down and jalan3,but I got thousands of work to settle up,so I said NO,again,NO,I CAN'T,again,I CAN'T,xtaw sejak bila,dia jadi xpaham bahasa,I feel soooo uneasy,tapi aku relax lagi,then theres 3 prefects passed by my class,and so prefect yg amanah giler babeng dgn cikgu disiplin tu pun suh aku keluar,KELUAR3,*as if aku pekak sgt.Then I said,kejap la,nk gunting sikit je lagi,but they force me like,"NOW!",and so I started to hempas2 barang,before that Chacho-ya took my biscuit,even when I said "Xboleh,aku lapar",heloo people,I said 3 TIMES!!Still,she took it,tggal satu,SATU jer untuk aku yg tgh lapar dan depress,*KEJAM!!
Back to the prefect,time aku start hempas2 barang Anis dah perasan my emotion went over the limit a bit,she said to Nasrul and Mierre,"aku xsuke bila Allie moody",and they were all like "Agak la",.And so pengawas still forcing2,I yelled,"Sabar la!human la sikit,aku nak 2 saat jer lagi pun!",and when Anis heard that,she knew I'm going to explode.Then I went out of the class,I spent my time alone for a while,then when I'm just trying to get some air,Chacho-ya step up in front of me and messed me up.I turned,put my hand on the wall,then she appeared suddenly,AGAIN,right in front of my face,and starting from that point,I GET EXPLODED!I screamed,"ECAH,COULD YOU PLEASE STOP IT!!!!",as loud as I can.People,PLEASE,when someone is sad,u get yourself close,and see what u can do,when someone is DEPPRESS,KEEP YOURSELF DISTANCE!Give them SPACE to COOL DOWN,OKEY???!And so Anis came to me slowly,"weyh Allie,ko ok x nie",and I just said,"aku xtaw lah weh,aku just,out of control kejap",but at that time I'm feeling better allready.
FUHHHH,nobody likes me when I get mad.Haha.

Then tuition,geng ANNOYERS,XDATANG!!Weee!

To be continued...

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