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Monday, April 18, 2011


This tittle is not so random,I meant it,WHATEVER.

Jom tulis BM secara majoriti.

Tahukah anda,kdg2 saya rase mcm nak yell depan muka anda dan cakap;

"COULD U STOP JUDGING,just effing shut up,I don't need your effing mouth to effing open,moreover to effing say a word,just shut up!I effing hate it when u start bitching around,got it?"

Asal aku kesah sangat la ape ko pikir???Sorry kalau ader readers pun la,today,masalah dalaman wanita,jadi paham2 la,dengan keadaan di sekolah yg mcm hape jer!!

Has been soo much ruined up!I'm wounded,hurts all over my body,I just need some rest!REST,u fool.*not u,no,not readers,but a woman name Woman.She can basically,"sakit"!

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