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Saturday, March 26, 2011

That should be ME.

That should be me
Holding your hands
That should be me
Making you laugh
That should be me
Buying you gifts.

That should be me
Walking with you
That should be me
Sitting next to you
That should be me
Taking care of you
That should be me
Helping you in study

That should be me
Replying your text
That should be me
U're looking at
That should be me
Making your night warm
That should be me
Calming you when you're down.

Honey,that should be me all the way.The one who "always be there" in your life.
The one who "sacrifice all" in your life.Why can't you see?I'm the one who will always care,concern,and love you.Please,sometime,it kills me to see your blindness.Dear Alah,show him something he didn't see.Dear Allah,tell him something he didn't know.Take care honey.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ahahahaha,its full of laughter,coz i just have a chat!with my friends,And3,mengikut kalendar Rebecca Black,hari ni Ahad,then esok Monday,so!!Means tommorow skolah!!whoo-hoooo!!!
Guess what??Don't have to guess,u know what will commonly happen at school,
I'm going to meet the teacher!
My juniors (AWWWW <3,u guys how cuteeee!)
My friends (WEEEE! =D my natural laughing gas)
I miss the school environment!!!

Eheeee,just listening to Selena Gomez,Who Says,that song,is how sweet!!
I'm going to meet Bieber tommorow,and of course!I'm looking forward for the next drama at school,it would surely be fun!
I'm not sure to bring pop2 or not,so just wait and see,and yeah,I dont care anymore!I'm just excited for school tommorow,hope it turns out nice,*And Allie,tlg lah bgun awal!.AMIINNNNN!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

27th May! wait for me!

Urghhhh,I am drop dead tired,this tirednesscould really kill people!
My preparation for 27th May starts this week,until,,,yeah,until before 27th May lol.
but,I'm just super tired,I have to workout for 3 hours everyday for this holiday!!
and swear thats tiredful!

Today,woke up early in the morning,went for a jog,then put on my gloves and did my kickboxing,then I took my bath and breakfast,watcht TV,bla3,have my lunch,and workout again after my Asar prayer,again,jog and kickboxing,and again,its tiring,I have to really do that this whole holiday,doesn't it kill u??
Well,I guess I have to do the same routine even after the holiday,workout after tuition,fuh!I have a super tight schedule every single day,but yeah,,since I always remember that time is running out,so I definately have to kickass eh?

After 27th May,I might be able to manage Jatto better,u know,paying more attention towards his daily routine since he will start workout on April,so I'll might be even more busy than I am today.*u see,I have a protege!hahaha,taking care of boys are just not easy okay!(u know,they're stubborn!)
Luckily Jatto is an easy going guy

Maybe thats all about my new tiring life and routine,I seriously need to have enough sleep since I have to wake up early tommorow and start kick ass XD

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New looks!

Not a new looks for me,its for my bloggiess!haha,thanks Tommy Lamey,she helped me on that,love ya!

Btw,today is again,a late-wake-up day!I'm not well,coz I eat a lot!I hate food,there's nothing much to say,again,coz the day just started,however,I'm wondering where's Clouden Skyle has gone to??I haven't seen him in fb lately,I need an update about my brother,honey.It's about his taekwondo class,as soon as I heard that he didn't tell the coach about his condition,I dropped my jaw off to the floor!Are u kidding me??!He's been training taekwondo for about 2 months,and none of the coaches know about his poor physical state!Honey,I know u're a determine guy,but,come on,u don't want to kill yourself,do you??U don't even want to kill me worrying about you like hell,DO YOU???So,Clouden offer me to look after him,and I was like a dog with two tails!ARIGATOU Clouden!U're so nice,but yet,I haven't receive the report for his training,its becoz a communication problem between me and Clouden,he's not on the line when I did.Gahhh,this kills me,and this is like the 2nd week training starting form our deal,but yeah,it's ok.

Another thing I forgot to write on Friday!*pelupa gila
Actually,Friday is addmath paper for March test right?
So,me,Anis,and Mierre,got EXTRA tuition,its from 3 p.m to 10 p.m,just doing addmath,*gila lah,but its fun!
So,during the free time for Maghrib prayer,we went to the night market,just in front of the tuition centre,and guess what we found??Its pop pop everyone!!Hahaha,excited gila nampak pop pop,then Anis bought 3 boxes of it,its a louder pop pop,during the next addmath class,I have the craziest idea,I want to bring the pop pop to school and throw it during the addmath test!hahahahaha!It must be fun!BUT!
SADLY,DAMNLY,I forgot to bring the next day!Coz I'm rushing before going to school at the morning,GRRRR.We were so excited the night before,imagining how shock our Physic teacher would be to hear the pop pop,*since we don'treally like that teacher,NVM!I keep some for her,and KEY!hahaha,can't wait to see his reaction about the pop pop sound!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Love each other!

Saya,Allie,menyeru rakan dan taulan,ayuhlah,kita love each other,untuk mewujudkan suasana harmoni,aman,damai,di Malaysia ini.

What theee...???
Hahaha,yeesterday at school,i forgot to tell theres a thing called "ikrar" for not taking drugs and smoke.Like d'oh...haha,*mana ada semangat aku bace ikrar tu.
And then erm,..rehat tu,I saw Key,and then me and my frens just more to like mingle around in hundreds of studentt for 'kuih tradisional feast' or whatever they call it.And chacho-ya force me to eat banana crips,and I was like "NO!!!",guess what then??Jazz ask chacho-ya to tickle me so that I'll open my mouth,and so I was like shutting my mouth hardly!I hate u guys,haha,I didn't eat anything anyway.And then saw Key again,ang again,and again,and again.haha XD.At night,I'm going to Hotel Royal Chulan,gah,as soon as I arrived,I saw Lamborghini,FUHHHH!*sweat!That car is superb,honey!Btw,that guy who served my table is cute,hahaha,really!He looks like Beto,waiyow!My Rosli Dhobi!My brother,sister,and of course,my mother received the award last night,congrats!

As for today,it's morning,honey,nothing much happen already.hahaha.But of course,I woke up pretty late,hehe,*peacee.It's becoz,of course,we went back home also pretty late,I think I went to sleep at 1 something in the morning.And sadly,Rabiulawal already arrived in China,hope he's having a great time!

And yeah,lately,I've been commenting on thiis junior's blog,she's nice.Well,for me,all my juniors are nice,*but of course,honestly,I don't think ALL of them are nice but MOST of them are.She's 15,how great!,isn't it??I miss the old me.*sigh...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


You're so adorable when you say that!!
Heee,I'm just so excited XD

March test is over,honey...!
The last paper is addmath,I'm so scared,I got one question that I'm super sure I got it wrong!
But yeah,just trying to convince myself that everything is going to be oraittt!

Btw,today is Friday everyone!
As usual,must there be a miracle or something magical,or just SOMETHING IMPORTANT happen,and,true!There is!
I thought this Friday is going to be just a boring Friday and have to go for a dinner at blablabla hotel,but its not!
Today,roughly at 12.00,at school,in the library,something,a crazy idea came out,and there u go,it happen so fast,where,one of my "diary-letter",already at the person I'm writing about!
And 'Bieber' told me everything,and gahhhhhhhhh! I'm not sure how to react with this,Friday is totally like a life-changing day,honey.

And just now,someone called my house,and I picked up,but! theres no one saying something like "Helo?",I just heard someone talking to someone,whiile I was there like,"Hello" for hundreds time,people,make sure you're ready to talk when you want to call someone,duh.

Just listen to music and suddenly I saw an album form this girl facebook,and that album tittled "2 *N* 20**,and I was like,woaaaahhhhhHhhhhh!! Excited again.hahaha,when it's all about that person,everything turned out magical!JUST MAGICAL <3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oh no,what happen to me,lately,it has been so much of "honey" came out from my mouth,its like a must-say-word.
Erghh,that fact make it sounds even more weird,duh,btw,the newest must-say-word is "UISH!",hahaha,it totally reminds me of SOMEONE.and then come my weirdest smile that looks like d'oh!

so many things,feelings,emotions,involved in my daily-disaster-life!*hows yours??
U know,March test,taking care of "new-born honey",tuition,new tuition member,new ANNOYMOUS,everything is so fresh,yet disturbing,and tiring.What do you expect honey?Its form 4,its 16!

Guess I'm not gonna type too long,I got more papers for March test honey.