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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New looks!

Not a new looks for me,its for my bloggiess!haha,thanks Tommy Lamey,she helped me on that,love ya!

Btw,today is again,a late-wake-up day!I'm not well,coz I eat a lot!I hate food,there's nothing much to say,again,coz the day just started,however,I'm wondering where's Clouden Skyle has gone to??I haven't seen him in fb lately,I need an update about my brother,honey.It's about his taekwondo class,as soon as I heard that he didn't tell the coach about his condition,I dropped my jaw off to the floor!Are u kidding me??!He's been training taekwondo for about 2 months,and none of the coaches know about his poor physical state!Honey,I know u're a determine guy,but,come on,u don't want to kill yourself,do you??U don't even want to kill me worrying about you like hell,DO YOU???So,Clouden offer me to look after him,and I was like a dog with two tails!ARIGATOU Clouden!U're so nice,but yet,I haven't receive the report for his training,its becoz a communication problem between me and Clouden,he's not on the line when I did.Gahhh,this kills me,and this is like the 2nd week training starting form our deal,but yeah,it's ok.

Another thing I forgot to write on Friday!*pelupa gila
Actually,Friday is addmath paper for March test right?
So,me,Anis,and Mierre,got EXTRA tuition,its from 3 p.m to 10 p.m,just doing addmath,*gila lah,but its fun!
So,during the free time for Maghrib prayer,we went to the night market,just in front of the tuition centre,and guess what we found??Its pop pop everyone!!Hahaha,excited gila nampak pop pop,then Anis bought 3 boxes of it,its a louder pop pop,during the next addmath class,I have the craziest idea,I want to bring the pop pop to school and throw it during the addmath test!hahahahaha!It must be fun!BUT!
SADLY,DAMNLY,I forgot to bring the next day!Coz I'm rushing before going to school at the morning,GRRRR.We were so excited the night before,imagining how shock our Physic teacher would be to hear the pop pop,*since we don'treally like that teacher,NVM!I keep some for her,and KEY!hahaha,can't wait to see his reaction about the pop pop sound!

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