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Thursday, March 10, 2011


You're so adorable when you say that!!
Heee,I'm just so excited XD

March test is over,honey...!
The last paper is addmath,I'm so scared,I got one question that I'm super sure I got it wrong!
But yeah,just trying to convince myself that everything is going to be oraittt!

Btw,today is Friday everyone!
As usual,must there be a miracle or something magical,or just SOMETHING IMPORTANT happen,and,true!There is!
I thought this Friday is going to be just a boring Friday and have to go for a dinner at blablabla hotel,but its not!
Today,roughly at 12.00,at school,in the library,something,a crazy idea came out,and there u go,it happen so fast,where,one of my "diary-letter",already at the person I'm writing about!
And 'Bieber' told me everything,and gahhhhhhhhh! I'm not sure how to react with this,Friday is totally like a life-changing day,honey.

And just now,someone called my house,and I picked up,but! theres no one saying something like "Helo?",I just heard someone talking to someone,whiile I was there like,"Hello" for hundreds time,people,make sure you're ready to talk when you want to call someone,duh.

Just listen to music and suddenly I saw an album form this girl facebook,and that album tittled "2 *N* 20**,and I was like,woaaaahhhhhHhhhhh!! Excited again.hahaha,when it's all about that person,everything turned out magical!JUST MAGICAL <3

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