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Friday, March 11, 2011

Love each other!

Saya,Allie,menyeru rakan dan taulan,ayuhlah,kita love each other,untuk mewujudkan suasana harmoni,aman,damai,di Malaysia ini.

What theee...???
Hahaha,yeesterday at school,i forgot to tell theres a thing called "ikrar" for not taking drugs and smoke.Like d'oh...haha,*mana ada semangat aku bace ikrar tu.
And then erm,..rehat tu,I saw Key,and then me and my frens just more to like mingle around in hundreds of studentt for 'kuih tradisional feast' or whatever they call it.And chacho-ya force me to eat banana crips,and I was like "NO!!!",guess what then??Jazz ask chacho-ya to tickle me so that I'll open my mouth,and so I was like shutting my mouth hardly!I hate u guys,haha,I didn't eat anything anyway.And then saw Key again,ang again,and again,and again.haha XD.At night,I'm going to Hotel Royal Chulan,gah,as soon as I arrived,I saw Lamborghini,FUHHHH!*sweat!That car is superb,honey!Btw,that guy who served my table is cute,hahaha,really!He looks like Beto,waiyow!My Rosli Dhobi!My brother,sister,and of course,my mother received the award last night,congrats!

As for today,it's morning,honey,nothing much happen already.hahaha.But of course,I woke up pretty late,hehe,*peacee.It's becoz,of course,we went back home also pretty late,I think I went to sleep at 1 something in the morning.And sadly,Rabiulawal already arrived in China,hope he's having a great time!

And yeah,lately,I've been commenting on thiis junior's blog,she's nice.Well,for me,all my juniors are nice,*but of course,honestly,I don't think ALL of them are nice but MOST of them are.She's 15,how great!,isn't it??I miss the old me.*sigh...

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