Is that the best you can do?Come and try..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another novel,with better effort..

i like the tittle..guess what??its the tittle for my new novel..haha,,
my frens really help a lot,,yoiyy will help me to give adding idea,,toma will be the first person to read..haha,,God bless me,,im determined!

i have a problems here,,and yeah,the same topic---->edward..
i just told toma about him..and she was suprised(for sure).,haha..but she helped me a lot bout edward..

diz morning,i got group gathering at mcD,so,for sure eat more than discussing,,haha..its for BI oral,we have to act!we play the chapter 4 in Dr jekyll and Mr hyde novel,,we choose the character randomly,and...i am the Mr.Utterson! in chapter 4,we got 2 scenes,and i have to play both!while the rest play one..huhu,,God,why u give the tough character to the leader that already got lots of work to do..sob2,,nvm2,,i'll do my best,,and i really hope for everybody's cooperation..

my conclusion dont know,u make your own,,haha
thats all for today i guess..oyasuminasai..
to be continued..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No idea..

what to do now??i have no idea lah,,
btw,lets talk about me since im not interested to fill in the 'about me' site..

my name?kibou.age?born on 1995.Interest?B.L.O.O.D.
i dont know how to explain my interest,haha..i realized that when one day,my fren accidently bleed her finger,because of so many needles in my purse,haha,when i took off the needle from her finger,her finger bleed..and..i feel like..woww..haha..
i think,if only it was my own blood,i would probably drink them,until the last drop,,huhu..
btw,i once have a habit,lick my own blood each time i bleed my hand..coz..when i was 10,i always bleed my hand,,huhu
thats all about my bloody life,,
to be continued...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

emotional IMBALANCE..

diz is my first,hye for the first time to my blog,hajimemashite..
I still remember his first word..'weyh',,haha

what an emotional problem,
idk how to deal with diz weird feeling..

my exclassmate,fighting3,me and him,erkk..

At the first day of school,he attract me,2nd,he makes me want to spy on him,and at the 3rd day,i fall into at the first sight..haha,,

how come he dont want to trust me??oh God,if only he know how many times i talk about him to everyone,25 hours a day,8 days a week..aishiteru!

but,plz boy, dont hate me,even if u dont love me back,i dont mind la wey..i treat u like a fren only kan?
so dont have to feel uncomfortable okeyy??
u have a problem?feel free to tell me,u cant count on me,i wont tell to anybody,so far,even my bestfren since i was 10,also dont know even a word of your secret that u've shared with me..
naaah,im done,busy2 now,,hehe,,wahhh!FOOD!!gotta go!hahaa,,jyaaa!