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Monday, November 15, 2010


ahhhhhh~its been quite a longggg time since my last post,,
Im not soo in the mood of typing about my daily disaster life,,,haha
But here come the story where all these hates and lies can be obviously seen!

U see,all this while i never quite give a damn of what really people thinks about me,even if it was sucks and 110% wrong,but i just leave it and act like every shit is fine,but now im quite sensitive with that issue since "so-called-hot-girl" get in my way and say shit things about me.
She said im a brat!
She said i stole her fren!(Who actually love to be her fren anyway??)
She said im an unfaithful girlfie!(its bcoz she dont have a good boyfie!)
She talk a lot of bad things about me like d'oh!
And then she wants to act like a Cindarella by showing that u are the only victim in this story,,yea,this story,but ur version!

Eyh3,stop living in your own fantasy lahh!
Hey3,if only i am sooo cruel,i will shout out loud at your face and says that


But yeah,since I was tooo good to say so,so I keep it.
See,how generous I am??
hahaha,,Yeah I talk good bout myself most of the times,but I dont talk bad about people MOST of the times,,well,can I say,'Unlike you'??

You are the funniest so-called-hot-girl I ever knew!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey,LOOK at me!

Seriously,im not lying,i didnt mean this tittle to anyone,,hehe,,btw,im bored sitting at the school hall,and have to listen to a lot of things,,my head is already stuck with lots1000000x of problem and matter to think about,,

Let see this way,Key is still there and im here,and 'who got no name' ran away from school,Double L wants to find his "Mrs.Left",haha,but im here,good with Rabiulawal,,ILYSM!
How could i leave Rabiulawal for someone else,he's better than i thought,he could be the sweetest,the cutest,the best thing in my life,,well,thanks for be there at my back and support me..

And for these following reasons,I choose to ignore those who wants to knock me down,and wants to see me fall,,but,even when im falling,i'll stand back and show u the strongest part in me,in my HEART.
I wont cry over these kind of things,im not too weak to cry for it,its not worth it,,u will agree when u learn more about life,,when u are old enough to see that,,and at that time,u will understand the meaning of busy,,too busy to entertain something you hate to care about,,

arghhh,before aku start broken english even worst,i better get away from this site,,haha,,choww~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


HELL yeah,,im CURSING,,so what??i dindt give a F****** HELL to u rite??i git no HELL to do with you,,i CURSED a lot today,,what a bad me,,but,who the HECK in this world did care??before i cursed lot more in this effin site,i better get my ASS out of this chair,,

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Grr~hey facebook,why did u soooo mean!i dont effin care who's that guy with,,he's a liar,a NO ONE for me,,geram giler syall~dulu ye2 jer citer gitu gini,sat gi....*dotdotdot..haihh,what a guy~

HOWEVER~i have my own better life,,rather than stuck in between u and tuuuut,tuuut,tuuuut,bla3,,,so know im free,,with Rabiulawal,,im good,im great,im fine,and most important,im HAPPY~!lalaalala,,
He's cute,,and adorable,,and sweet,,romantic too,,haha,,all kind of compliments,,goes to him,,my lovely apple tea,,lalala,,ILY!

Yeah,i have to admit that sometimes im stuck in the question that "am i really happy with him?",,

but later,,i guess im just fine,,im just happy,,everything good with him,,im paranoid sometime.its a bad habit,,lol,,i better off for now,choww~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Life as a girl~

Its kind of hard,,yes it is~its kind of complicated~IT IS!
Look,how bout losing love ones,worrying,bla3,fronting those "jealous eyes",gahaha,why the hell should i care anyway.??like adlin said,"let her be an idiot,she's crazy anyway,so?",,haha,,love that!
And yeah,guys flirt,girls flirt,facing pervert,hak2,,being a girl is no easy thing,,being a "GIRL",yes it is,,Gahhh~im so effin tired with those helpless person,,WHY??coz they are helpless!haha,,HOWEVER,i dont give a damn of whatever you said,or what you're saying,or whatever you are about to say,or type,or whatever hell u wanna do to me,GOT IT??
WHY??coz obviously im busy,too busy to entertain your problems,i got my own unsettled problem,SO,why SHOULD i ever2 care bout yours,,right??

"cm sial,nk kene pelempang"

HAHA,that is my friends reaction bout your attitude,understandddd??and guess what,if u see my face,hope it gives you hell,,haha,,my fav song lol,,and u just listen to those mellow songs,no wonder you turn out like this,,no offense!

Yeah im not an angel,BUT,im not deseprately wants to be a demon,,well,i said nothing to you!like hell,WHAT?u CANT hear??i said NOTHING about you! then why should you open your effin mouth and badmouthing me and what else HELL u did to me,,WHY???why must u did that to a person who got nothing to do with your effin life?Yes i didnt told u bout my probs,BUT,that is my effin life!my effin probs!i have the right to keep it secret!now go out there and find someone who got no PRIVACY and be their fren!Ko paham maksud privacy ker x nie??i suggest you MArs,go there and reveal the secret of MARS,then u will be very famous,not my secret,got it??

I got Key to think about,my exam,Rabiulawal,blablabla,so i dont need to waste my precious time just to entertain,ur anger,ur **********,ur life,blablabla about you,,

KEY..get well soon,i miss you so damn10000 much!
Good frens,genuine frens,tho i have to lost thousands of fake friends,i dont care,,as long as u guys still by myside,,hell,look,talk about u already used up how many word and space,kau nie byk mmbazirkan bnde2 dlm hidup aku lah,,erghhh,,choww!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't describe people too fast..

Lesson for today.haha..dont hate me like u know me for 10 years,bcoz i dont hate u like i know u since u were born,,just now,baru je slow talk dgn someone,and i just realised that when we do good to people,most of the time,people will accept it in a good way,,exactly like what just happened to me,,orang xkn benci membnci tanpa sebab,,in fact,for me,i dont think when someone hate us,we have to hate them too,same like when we like someone,that someone must like us too,thats not true people,everyone have their owns right,,Right to hate and to like something or someone,,
Someone once said "Why some people are not happy with their life?because they are following others life"..When we build our life,we must not look to others life and get dont want ur story to be like that person or this person,,u dont want to have the same problems like them,and most important,u dont want to end up ur life like how they end up their life,so now write ur own story of your life,,"Do your best" is not about getting an impressive result or outstanding one,its about how much effort you put on it no matter what did you get as the result..Do you think when 6 years old kid answer the PMR paper with all her best,she can get straight As?Maybe her best is not enough for PMR paper..same like us,Sometimes our best is not enough to make something amazing,but when we keep on learning and not giving up,we will reach the level where we can make it even more than,live your life to the max!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Study Mudy,

Hahaha,.,study in the mood!!
Specially sc,,God,I just loo0o0ove sc so much!!hahaha,,F1,chapter 5,favourite!!
ouh come on,,the examination is around the corner,,wait,im not yet taking my lunch!its going to 4p.m now,,grr,,starving~nvm,lets talk about exam first,,noooo!!!its sooo close!Study,Mudy,Study,Mudy,.,im not sick of study if it is science!Gosh,how i love science,(talk in lab,and sleep in class),,haha,,but swear i love my sc clinic and workshop!
Science,rule my life!hahaa,,wait!agama islam,kh,xstudy lagi ouh!,,aha,i have to go and study,,STUDY MUDY!!!(but eat first),,haha..see yaaaa in the examination hall! *wink!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Malas nk pikir,,,

Actually,,,ape yg aku mls nk pkir pun aku xtaw,,haha,,
just finish reading other's blog,,hahaha,,
and,,im having a great timeeeee,,,
aku sker giler bukak blog khaireen,byk ayat hot,,hahaha,,meletup2 bacer ouh!
People,she's not a 'good girl gone bad' lahh,,,in short,dia x bad,,hahaha,,
bodo saper kutuk criminal aku,,even kitorg criminal,kitorg dalam hati ader,....??
hahaha,,suker suki dia ah nk wat aper,suker suki aku gak ah nak wat aper owh!
aku dah la Criminal 1 ouh,,ko kutuk criminal 2,3,4,aku terase ouh!,,hahaha,,secondly,mlas ouh nk layan otak aku yg asyik ingat si pemain bola sepak HEBAT yg suh aku gi mati,,hahaha,,(asal aku gelak??),,erhh,.,paper je,.,chioww!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Im doing my workk,,while facebook,msg,layan concert big bang,and myspace,hahha,,
byk giler benda and aku pon dah pening,.,btw,aku xtaw aper masalah aku,,aku mimpi pasal sesorg yg aku xkenal dan dia pun xkenal aku,,.lol3.,aku benci giler mimpi tu sebb related dgn kwn aku,,yg agak la rapat jugak ngn aku,,uhh,,aku penat ahh,,hari ni aku rase berat hati jerr,,atata laahh,,k chow..

Saturday, April 3, 2010


yea,,fall in love.,and cry,,and smile,.,and laugh,,and evil laugh too,.,ahahha,.,its just a normal life,.,(aper aku merepek nieh??),.,haha
BTW,im more to the student from SMKJ3 now,,but yea,dont wanna talk much,,
I want some new environment and something new for my secret talent,,haha
ouh yea,i just hate those who really takes hard on love,it shouldnt be ok,urhhh,,love is something nice,,tho he left you behind,,haha,,he left u,then u leave him lah!haiyaa,,
i tell u what,there's someone,who really wants me to set him free,WHILE IM NOT EVEN STOPPING HIM FROM DOING ANYTHING!ahahahaha!dont u guys think that it was soooooooo sooo sooo sooo damn nuts..????and hell funny...????hahaha,,haiyaa,,what a guy, "i tell u what,u're sooooo hypocrite!"

If not for the sake of someone,me myself dont want to keep u ok,u disgust me with your silly behaviour ok!

When my bussines with u is done,then u want to jump,u just jump,u jump,i stay,hahaha,,(and laughing) not that cruel,just mean,,haha,,AFK,daa!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Girls!

I just,,,HATE THIS!
This keyboard keep testing my level of patient!
ouh enough of dat..
i just read few blogs,and they seems to have a BIG problem with guys,and guys,and guys,and guys!
I did,but i never sounds so deseprate like them,wawawa,,
i advice you girl,after he left you,find someone else,i bet you can,someone better,looking or behaviour,or both..
Naa~what a waste waiting for your ex,its stupid okeyyyy!
*why im so emotional anyway..?
hahaha,,no comments,going to sleep,oyasuminasai!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gelak,struggle,gelak,nangis,gelak,gelak,,its life!

hahaa..semua2 yang aku tulis nie ada dalam hidup aku untuk hari ni which is brape hari bulan tah..
but somehow,i enjoy the varieties of my emotion,,haha,,
Guess what im doing now.....?STALKING!,,haahaa..hobby2..
Aha,u know what,i just hate that highly-no-idea girl!damn hate her include her species!
Hey,do you know,that you're brain is smaller than mine????haha..(mulut laser you..)
NVM2,all this while,you are conquering my life,BUT NO MORE,young lady..NO MORE..
So,u think u and ur species is dat great????PLS!Dont judge me by how much i talk,haha,im giving you a clue man..
Well,im tired of being your servant..TIRED..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another novel,with better effort..

i like the tittle..guess what??its the tittle for my new novel..haha,,
my frens really help a lot,,yoiyy will help me to give adding idea,,toma will be the first person to read..haha,,God bless me,,im determined!

i have a problems here,,and yeah,the same topic---->edward..
i just told toma about him..and she was suprised(for sure).,haha..but she helped me a lot bout edward..

diz morning,i got group gathering at mcD,so,for sure eat more than discussing,,haha..its for BI oral,we have to act!we play the chapter 4 in Dr jekyll and Mr hyde novel,,we choose the character randomly,and...i am the Mr.Utterson! in chapter 4,we got 2 scenes,and i have to play both!while the rest play one..huhu,,God,why u give the tough character to the leader that already got lots of work to do..sob2,,nvm2,,i'll do my best,,and i really hope for everybody's cooperation..

my conclusion dont know,u make your own,,haha
thats all for today i guess..oyasuminasai..
to be continued..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No idea..

what to do now??i have no idea lah,,
btw,lets talk about me since im not interested to fill in the 'about me' site..

my name?kibou.age?born on 1995.Interest?B.L.O.O.D.
i dont know how to explain my interest,haha..i realized that when one day,my fren accidently bleed her finger,because of so many needles in my purse,haha,when i took off the needle from her finger,her finger bleed..and..i feel like..woww..haha..
i think,if only it was my own blood,i would probably drink them,until the last drop,,huhu..
btw,i once have a habit,lick my own blood each time i bleed my hand..coz..when i was 10,i always bleed my hand,,huhu
thats all about my bloody life,,
to be continued...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

emotional IMBALANCE..

diz is my first,hye for the first time to my blog,hajimemashite..
I still remember his first word..'weyh',,haha

what an emotional problem,
idk how to deal with diz weird feeling..

my exclassmate,fighting3,me and him,erkk..

At the first day of school,he attract me,2nd,he makes me want to spy on him,and at the 3rd day,i fall into at the first sight..haha,,

how come he dont want to trust me??oh God,if only he know how many times i talk about him to everyone,25 hours a day,8 days a week..aishiteru!

but,plz boy, dont hate me,even if u dont love me back,i dont mind la wey..i treat u like a fren only kan?
so dont have to feel uncomfortable okeyy??
u have a problem?feel free to tell me,u cant count on me,i wont tell to anybody,so far,even my bestfren since i was 10,also dont know even a word of your secret that u've shared with me..
naaah,im done,busy2 now,,hehe,,wahhh!FOOD!!gotta go!hahaa,,jyaaa!