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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saya sayang diri sendiri sgt2!

Ok fine,based on the title,its obvious,I want to talk about myself,heres a thing,I love myself sodamnfreakingkingking much!Muuahhh3 to me,hahaahaha,*ok this is nut.

I love almost everything about my life,u know,it is hard,*as hard as !@#%^% U BET,however,the hardness is what every human need,because without all the hardness,human will never learn anything out of life itself,so come on,don't break down so easily,everything happen for a reason eh?sure yeah!*but don't u ever use such word like "everything happen for a reason" when u steal someone's bf,or u're a slut.

Ouh yeeeaaahhhh,I'm single da mingle!But yeah,I'm not sad about it,not happy either,I'm just like,"oookeyyyy",because,apparently,its not something bad actually,I just want all of us to keep moving on and fall in love in marriege u see?So thats it,BUT BUT BUT,I'm single but NOT AVAILABLE!,pffttt.Hahaha.It's because I don't feel like getting "in a relationship" with anyone,so I'm soo not available,only if you are epa,toma,or khaireen,or adlin,then u can be my sygs2,hue3..currently,not calling any guy "syg"..?ok euw.hahaha.

getting pretty much better,love you books and homeworks,muah3!

Arts is my soul honey,I sing every the day,I practice acting,and writing,and singing,and ing ing ing ing,coz I love arts like it was my lifeeeee.Weee XD
I hope I have a very bright future in arts,AMIIIINNN.I admit it that I'd love to be famous,having my own fan club,*ececehhh,but the main point is thats my passion,how can I help it?It doesn't really matter I have fan club or famous or so,thats not my main target anyway,I'm into this because I love this,ok honeyss??

Right,I'm away from lappy now,I'm so tired,and hungry,gonna grab something for nyum2,papaii XD