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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey,LOOK at me!

Seriously,im not lying,i didnt mean this tittle to anyone,,hehe,,btw,im bored sitting at the school hall,and have to listen to a lot of things,,my head is already stuck with lots1000000x of problem and matter to think about,,

Let see this way,Key is still there and im here,and 'who got no name' ran away from school,Double L wants to find his "Mrs.Left",haha,but im here,good with Rabiulawal,,ILYSM!
How could i leave Rabiulawal for someone else,he's better than i thought,he could be the sweetest,the cutest,the best thing in my life,,well,thanks for be there at my back and support me..

And for these following reasons,I choose to ignore those who wants to knock me down,and wants to see me fall,,but,even when im falling,i'll stand back and show u the strongest part in me,in my HEART.
I wont cry over these kind of things,im not too weak to cry for it,its not worth it,,u will agree when u learn more about life,,when u are old enough to see that,,and at that time,u will understand the meaning of busy,,too busy to entertain something you hate to care about,,

arghhh,before aku start broken english even worst,i better get away from this site,,haha,,choww~