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Monday, August 30, 2010

Life as a girl~

Its kind of hard,,yes it is~its kind of complicated~IT IS!
Look,how bout losing love ones,worrying,bla3,fronting those "jealous eyes",gahaha,why the hell should i care anyway.??like adlin said,"let her be an idiot,she's crazy anyway,so?",,haha,,love that!
And yeah,guys flirt,girls flirt,facing pervert,hak2,,being a girl is no easy thing,,being a "GIRL",yes it is,,Gahhh~im so effin tired with those helpless person,,WHY??coz they are helpless!haha,,HOWEVER,i dont give a damn of whatever you said,or what you're saying,or whatever you are about to say,or type,or whatever hell u wanna do to me,GOT IT??
WHY??coz obviously im busy,too busy to entertain your problems,i got my own unsettled problem,SO,why SHOULD i ever2 care bout yours,,right??

"cm sial,nk kene pelempang"

HAHA,that is my friends reaction bout your attitude,understandddd??and guess what,if u see my face,hope it gives you hell,,haha,,my fav song lol,,and u just listen to those mellow songs,no wonder you turn out like this,,no offense!

Yeah im not an angel,BUT,im not deseprately wants to be a demon,,well,i said nothing to you!like hell,WHAT?u CANT hear??i said NOTHING about you! then why should you open your effin mouth and badmouthing me and what else HELL u did to me,,WHY???why must u did that to a person who got nothing to do with your effin life?Yes i didnt told u bout my probs,BUT,that is my effin life!my effin probs!i have the right to keep it secret!now go out there and find someone who got no PRIVACY and be their fren!Ko paham maksud privacy ker x nie??i suggest you MArs,go there and reveal the secret of MARS,then u will be very famous,not my secret,got it??

I got Key to think about,my exam,Rabiulawal,blablabla,so i dont need to waste my precious time just to entertain,ur anger,ur **********,ur life,blablabla about you,,

KEY..get well soon,i miss you so damn10000 much!
Good frens,genuine frens,tho i have to lost thousands of fake friends,i dont care,,as long as u guys still by myside,,hell,look,talk about u already used up how many word and space,kau nie byk mmbazirkan bnde2 dlm hidup aku lah,,erghhh,,choww!

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