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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't describe people too fast..

Lesson for today.haha..dont hate me like u know me for 10 years,bcoz i dont hate u like i know u since u were born,,just now,baru je slow talk dgn someone,and i just realised that when we do good to people,most of the time,people will accept it in a good way,,exactly like what just happened to me,,orang xkn benci membnci tanpa sebab,,in fact,for me,i dont think when someone hate us,we have to hate them too,same like when we like someone,that someone must like us too,thats not true people,everyone have their owns right,,Right to hate and to like something or someone,,
Someone once said "Why some people are not happy with their life?because they are following others life"..When we build our life,we must not look to others life and get dont want ur story to be like that person or this person,,u dont want to have the same problems like them,and most important,u dont want to end up ur life like how they end up their life,so now write ur own story of your life,,"Do your best" is not about getting an impressive result or outstanding one,its about how much effort you put on it no matter what did you get as the result..Do you think when 6 years old kid answer the PMR paper with all her best,she can get straight As?Maybe her best is not enough for PMR paper..same like us,Sometimes our best is not enough to make something amazing,but when we keep on learning and not giving up,we will reach the level where we can make it even more than,live your life to the max!

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