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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Study Mudy,

Hahaha,.,study in the mood!!
Specially sc,,God,I just loo0o0ove sc so much!!hahaha,,F1,chapter 5,favourite!!
ouh come on,,the examination is around the corner,,wait,im not yet taking my lunch!its going to 4p.m now,,grr,,starving~nvm,lets talk about exam first,,noooo!!!its sooo close!Study,Mudy,Study,Mudy,.,im not sick of study if it is science!Gosh,how i love science,(talk in lab,and sleep in class),,haha,,but swear i love my sc clinic and workshop!
Science,rule my life!hahaa,,wait!agama islam,kh,xstudy lagi ouh!,,aha,i have to go and study,,STUDY MUDY!!!(but eat first),,haha..see yaaaa in the examination hall! *wink!

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