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Saturday, April 3, 2010


yea,,fall in love.,and cry,,and smile,.,and laugh,,and evil laugh too,.,ahahha,.,its just a normal life,.,(aper aku merepek nieh??),.,haha
BTW,im more to the student from SMKJ3 now,,but yea,dont wanna talk much,,
I want some new environment and something new for my secret talent,,haha
ouh yea,i just hate those who really takes hard on love,it shouldnt be ok,urhhh,,love is something nice,,tho he left you behind,,haha,,he left u,then u leave him lah!haiyaa,,
i tell u what,there's someone,who really wants me to set him free,WHILE IM NOT EVEN STOPPING HIM FROM DOING ANYTHING!ahahahaha!dont u guys think that it was soooooooo sooo sooo sooo damn nuts..????and hell funny...????hahaha,,haiyaa,,what a guy, "i tell u what,u're sooooo hypocrite!"

If not for the sake of someone,me myself dont want to keep u ok,u disgust me with your silly behaviour ok!

When my bussines with u is done,then u want to jump,u just jump,u jump,i stay,hahaha,,(and laughing) not that cruel,just mean,,haha,,AFK,daa!

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