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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

emotional IMBALANCE..

diz is my first,hye for the first time to my blog,hajimemashite..
I still remember his first word..'weyh',,haha

what an emotional problem,
idk how to deal with diz weird feeling..

my exclassmate,fighting3,me and him,erkk..

At the first day of school,he attract me,2nd,he makes me want to spy on him,and at the 3rd day,i fall into at the first sight..haha,,

how come he dont want to trust me??oh God,if only he know how many times i talk about him to everyone,25 hours a day,8 days a week..aishiteru!

but,plz boy, dont hate me,even if u dont love me back,i dont mind la wey..i treat u like a fren only kan?
so dont have to feel uncomfortable okeyy??
u have a problem?feel free to tell me,u cant count on me,i wont tell to anybody,so far,even my bestfren since i was 10,also dont know even a word of your secret that u've shared with me..
naaah,im done,busy2 now,,hehe,,wahhh!FOOD!!gotta go!hahaa,,jyaaa!

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