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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another novel,with better effort..

i like the tittle..guess what??its the tittle for my new novel..haha,,
my frens really help a lot,,yoiyy will help me to give adding idea,,toma will be the first person to read..haha,,God bless me,,im determined!

i have a problems here,,and yeah,the same topic---->edward..
i just told toma about him..and she was suprised(for sure).,haha..but she helped me a lot bout edward..

diz morning,i got group gathering at mcD,so,for sure eat more than discussing,,haha..its for BI oral,we have to act!we play the chapter 4 in Dr jekyll and Mr hyde novel,,we choose the character randomly,and...i am the Mr.Utterson! in chapter 4,we got 2 scenes,and i have to play both!while the rest play one..huhu,,God,why u give the tough character to the leader that already got lots of work to do..sob2,,nvm2,,i'll do my best,,and i really hope for everybody's cooperation..

my conclusion dont know,u make your own,,haha
thats all for today i guess..oyasuminasai..
to be continued..

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