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Thursday, February 18, 2010

No idea..

what to do now??i have no idea lah,,
btw,lets talk about me since im not interested to fill in the 'about me' site..

my name?kibou.age?born on 1995.Interest?B.L.O.O.D.
i dont know how to explain my interest,haha..i realized that when one day,my fren accidently bleed her finger,because of so many needles in my purse,haha,when i took off the needle from her finger,her finger bleed..and..i feel like..woww..haha..
i think,if only it was my own blood,i would probably drink them,until the last drop,,huhu..
btw,i once have a habit,lick my own blood each time i bleed my hand..coz..when i was 10,i always bleed my hand,,huhu
thats all about my bloody life,,
to be continued...

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