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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oh no,what happen to me,lately,it has been so much of "honey" came out from my mouth,its like a must-say-word.
Erghh,that fact make it sounds even more weird,duh,btw,the newest must-say-word is "UISH!",hahaha,it totally reminds me of SOMEONE.and then come my weirdest smile that looks like d'oh!

so many things,feelings,emotions,involved in my daily-disaster-life!*hows yours??
U know,March test,taking care of "new-born honey",tuition,new tuition member,new ANNOYMOUS,everything is so fresh,yet disturbing,and tiring.What do you expect honey?Its form 4,its 16!

Guess I'm not gonna type too long,I got more papers for March test honey.

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