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Monday, March 14, 2011

27th May! wait for me!

Urghhhh,I am drop dead tired,this tirednesscould really kill people!
My preparation for 27th May starts this week,until,,,yeah,until before 27th May lol.
but,I'm just super tired,I have to workout for 3 hours everyday for this holiday!!
and swear thats tiredful!

Today,woke up early in the morning,went for a jog,then put on my gloves and did my kickboxing,then I took my bath and breakfast,watcht TV,bla3,have my lunch,and workout again after my Asar prayer,again,jog and kickboxing,and again,its tiring,I have to really do that this whole holiday,doesn't it kill u??
Well,I guess I have to do the same routine even after the holiday,workout after tuition,fuh!I have a super tight schedule every single day,but yeah,,since I always remember that time is running out,so I definately have to kickass eh?

After 27th May,I might be able to manage Jatto better,u know,paying more attention towards his daily routine since he will start workout on April,so I'll might be even more busy than I am today.*u see,I have a protege!hahaha,taking care of boys are just not easy okay!(u know,they're stubborn!)
Luckily Jatto is an easy going guy

Maybe thats all about my new tiring life and routine,I seriously need to have enough sleep since I have to wake up early tommorow and start kick ass XD

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