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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Post.

Again,I have no idea for the title,aish!*apelah masalah aku?haha

Wake up at 5 something in the morning,minum plain water,turun bawah,minum susu,makan kurma 3 biji,naik atas,dgr laguuuuuuuuuuuu,abg panggil,turun bawah,pakai tudung,sweater,earphone,stokin,kasut,warm up,JOGGING!!haha,but I feel goooooddd about it.*Mama,xnk gi jejalan ke hari nii??huhuhu.Sunday,nak buat aper??duduk rumah,aku tgk buku,buku tgk aku,pastu tgk tv,haha,easy breezy.

Here another thing,it happened on Friday(I know Friday will always be miracle!)
Theres a junior,she's so cute,she post on my fb wall "thanks approve kakak comel",ever since that,I already have a good thoughts about her.Then we have a very long chat semalam,at my wall,while I'm having my Kerdipan Bintang event.*Arigatouuu sudi teman.
My turn is such a long waiting,so luckily ada junior sudi teman ye x?hehe.I think she's nice,*well,mostly junior aku kenal semua nice,haha.
Or is it me yg memang adore semua junior kot??
Aihh,my junior F3,take care,blaja elok2 yeah?Ok dah.

Dateline for my workout dah nak dekat,27th May!!AAAAAAAA!!!Allie,wake up!wake up!This is not the time nak duduk2 melepak okay??!Ermmm,I think I should do this thing called "meditasi",haha,just sit on my bed,writing some inspiring poems,kan2??Currently,I've been training my vocal,don't know why,I sing more often,haha,why eh?

AAAAAAAAAA!!*another thing that scream my heart out!Mid-year exam,sangat mendebarkan,why was that??I have to spent more time studying,more time workout,double every effort,double tired la me!huhu,I need makanan tambahan la mamaaa...
Hope everything went well,Amiiinnn!

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