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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Again,tittle ni xde kene mengena dgn apa yg hendak ditaip,haha.*mcm xbiase jer.

Woahhh,this week,*sweat!,kills me.
Penat,penat,penat,penat,dan penat,there's so many things to say but....
since its too many,I already have no idea where to start.
What if we start with the sarcastic me??
WAIT2!There is something biggie happen this week,we(me,anis,mierre) got no tuition until Thursday.So,we've decide to stay back after school,and ya,what do u expect kitorg nak buat kalau kitorg stay?mestilah tunggu falling angel balik,oke,tell u what,2 jam 40 minit,kitorg duk goyang kaki kat bus stop tu,and dramatically,I STAND for the whole 2 hours and 4o mins.Bak kate aku kat Amelia,kalau kaki aku nie made in China,sah2 dah patah remuk dah.
But the climax of the story,is when it comes to Wednesday,so Rebecca Black,pasni buat lagu Wednesday pulak eh,tragic nieh!

Oke,Wednesday,me,Anis,and Mierre dah decide nk stay,we thinking of going to the koperasi,but Anis just said,why don't we go to the canteen first,and so we did.Nak dijadikan cite,I saw Key,so,watlek je la kan,xkan aku nak berzapin plak,and so we sit at our usual table which is quiet close to Key's table,*in short,the next table.
BUT,yg menjadikan cerita ini tragedi adalah dengan kehadiran sorg budak perempuan yang bernama Girl(bukan nama sebenar).Girl came towards us,and as usual,hye2,hoi2,kat kitorg.I already felt uneasy with her appearance coz she will ruin up everything,and she did!!
Mierre dah la already moody,as soon as she came and ader la something2 dia buat,aku pun moody jugak,so,aku dgn dramatiknya ambik fail aku,lantas beredar dari kantin itu tanpa menoleh kebelakang lagi.Ala2 "let the bygone be bygone" gitu.

I went to the middle of the stairs kat pagar belakang,sit there,*dgn posisi org tgh depress tu,and cry,alone,dgn angin sepoi2 bahasa.I cry until I satisfied.I called Anis,and she said she already at the bus stop outside off the school.She's alone.Also in a bad condition..and so do Mierre,*kat tepi longkang.Also alone,also in a bad condition,serius dramatik hari tu.Its all becoz of ONE girl name Girl.


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