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Monday, April 11, 2011


AHAHAHA,ok I know I usually have no great title,moreover not even when I'm in this kind of mood*nothing-much-to-write mood.hahaha,so whatever came across my mind,just put it as the title,hehe.
My life has been a bit too random lately,so do my behaviour.But still,I'm wise enough to avoid such stupid3 stuffss.

I don't want to talk about my super fight with a guy name Guy(bukan nama sebenar).
Duduknye saya depan laptop nie,nak kaborkan ttg kejadian di tuition pada siang tadi,yg sgt la menyakitkan hati,saya ulang,MENYAKITKAN HATI,in my life,just call it as ANNOYING!Tapi normal la kalau hal tersebut ditimbulkan oleh seseorang yang memang digelar "ANNOYMOUS"!

Annoymous,Botak,and Hell,is a group of ANNOYERS.(baru reka sesaat tadi)
At tution,they sit 2 table at my back.Annoymous is sooooo annoying,super duper!Botak xpernah carik pasal ngn aku,ptg tadi baru first time,and Hell,pun xpeernah,tapi mcm la aku xtaw dia dah lama nk carik pasal ngn aku.
Petang tadi,dgn takde kejenyer,*walaupun cikgu bagi byk keje),
dorg bertiga3,was looking at me,then laugh,then look,then laugh,then look,then laugh,what the heck??!Then I ask mierre,"weyh mierre,ko jujur ngn aku skg,aku nmpak cm badut ker??",then mierre said,I'm just fine.Then what the heck were they laughing about which is soo disturbing coz I'm facing at the back,easier to discuss question with Mierre.Then later,I told Anis about their weird-annoying act,then she said,THEY WERE ACTUALLY,MAYBE,JUST MAYBE,LOOKING AT MY ******!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I never felt so much disturbing towards them as I did today!
Aku course mata korg buta,baru taw!

But the good thing is,most of the time,its Botak and Hell yg buat semua tu,Annoymous didn't involve much.He just being a bit disturbing after I burst a super loud laugh,wahaha,ok tu a bit embrassing.I hate u geng ANNOYERS.

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