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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Random Awesome !

I love you,I love you,I love you!!!!!
You're so awesome,but way so random,and you're lovingly funny!!
I dunno what the heaven is happening here in my life recently,but I;m just soooo into HAZAMA AHMAD AZMI!
I never much care about arttist until me myself wants to be an artist,but I just serrrrrriiiooouuuusssslllyyyyyyy feel that way right now!

Btw,mylife,heyyyyyy,May is...hurm,soryy,but sucks.
I dont want to talk about it,not anymore.

But pleeeaaassseeeee,someone pls teach me singing,I want to be someone in that industry,or at least a musician,teach me any instrument,anything!!Anything that can probably meet me up with him,my super favourite artist!!
I promise I'll be a good student,I promise!!!I'll learn hard!PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE!!!

I want to drop school and enter the Academy of Arts,keluar2 boleh carik keje dah,isn't it cool??


I WANT TO LIVE MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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